Henry Eklind



+4672 600 66 99

Developer skills

I write safe code in any language, and I prefer the language most suited for each task. In my free time, I usually write code for fun, for example:

Work Experience

2020 —

Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten)

Security engineer

I work with advanced cyber security operations related to red teaming, cryptography, programming, penetration-testing and computer forensics.

2016 — 2020

Tink AB

Reverse Engineer

I co-founded a reverse engineering specialist team. We reverse-engineered the most challenging bank applications, wrote tools to make the process easier and educated other engineers on reverse engineering.

We created a tool that generates pseudocode of an arbitrary application's cryptographic flow by recording and analyzing the calls to cryptographic functions in runtime.


2013 — 2018

KTH   The Royal Institute of Technology

M.Sc. in Computer Science

A combined bachelor's and master's education in Computer Science with a specialization in machine learning and data science.

Spring 2018

Tohoku University, Japan

Kato-Nishiyama Laboratory - Research semester

I researched the viability and benefits of applying deep reinforcement learning in network control systems for more performant network routing.